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unique f & i management fully comply with the following legislastions:  

  • FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act)

  • NCA (National Credit Act)

  • FAIS Act (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act)


To establish a well-known, service driven support system for our customers. To provide a solution to Motor Vehicle Dealerships seeking to act within legislatively compliant finance practises and to empower the Dealerships with knowledgeable support in their interaction with Bank and customers. Convenience and professionalism will be our driving force in becoming the market leader in Finance- and Insurance Management in South Africa.


Unique F&I Management was started in January 2009, when a demand was identified for qualified management of services at Motor Vehicle Dealerships.

Legislation aimed at regulating the Motor Vehicle Finance industry has required of the Industry to make use of regulated, qualified personnel in order to provide the best possible advice to customers.

Neels de Lange

Neels de Lange


Hi, my name is Neels de Lange owner of  Unique F & I Management. I have over 20 years’ experience in the motor and related industry

I was involved with Sales, before becoming a Finance- and Insurance Manager in 2004. I obtained extensive experience during these years, working at various major Dealership Groups. My experience was put to good use in providing the Motor Vehicle Dealerships with a professional service package to address their finance- and insurance management needs and made it possible to align Unique F&I Management’s structures in such a way that processes between the Dealers and the Banks are optimized for the best possible management of transactions between the Dealers and their customers.

I am constantly looking for the latest products and services that can help maintain and grow the service provided by Unique F&I Management.


Unique F&I Management makes use of the latest available technology to optimise the service offered to the Motor Vehicle Dealers and their customers.

Unique F&I Management offers the customers of the Dealers a “unique” financing experience through the use of paperless contracts and processes.


Unique F&I Management’s personnel is qualified to assist the Dealership in optimizing every transaction.

The team consist of specialists in every department, from the capturing of credit application forms to the finalizing of signed credit contracts.

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365 Serissa road 0182 Pretoria, South Africa

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